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MIT scientists discover fundamental rule of brain plasticity

Our brains are famously flexible, or “plastic,” because neurons can do new things by forging new or stronger connections with other neurons. But if some connections strengthen, neuroscientists have reasoned, neurons must compensate lest they become overwhelmed with input. In a new study in Science, researchers at the Picower Institute …

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Networks in aerospace | MIT News

Along with asteroids, the moon, and the International Space Station, there are hundreds of small, 10-centimeter cubes orbiting planet Earth. Alexa Aguilar, a first-year graduate student in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, is helping these small satellites, called CubeSats, communicate. “We’d like to expand this to what we call …

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Natural resource negotiations for mutual gains

When people think of high-stakes negotiations — whether between countries or interest groups or individuals — they generally picture raised voices and table pounding as each side competes to get an outcome that’s in its best interest. But research and experience suggest that a different approach may ensure a more …

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3Q: Winning together in negotiation

Bruno Verdini is executive director of the MIT-Harvard Mexico Negotiation Program, a lecturer in urban planning and negotiation at MIT, and co-founder of MIT’s concentration in negotiation and leadership. He teaches The Art and Science of Negotiation, one of MIT’s highest ranked and most popular electives (with over 500 students …

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